Active Mysticism
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ctive mysticism is a term I made up to represent what I seem to do. I have a limited inclination to pure contemplation. I am attracted to many forms of mysticism and things that are not normally thought of as being mysticism but relate to the exploration and understanding of the nature of reality. I am disinclined toward things in the mass as in conventional religion and find they too often lead to mass hysteria and mob action. I see many connections and congruences between many features of earlier societies and practices which I have been exploring, trying to find a consistent overview of reality and also God ~ Ultimate Reality which I find missing in any individual religion or practice. It is within these common elements, discovered independently by many explorers, Keys to the Secret. that I anticipate discovering the real 'ding an sich' or the thing in itself with no concealment. I thought of eclectic mysticism as an appropriate term. While I have an eclectic viewpoint, this does not cover the active and exploring side I find to my interests. Yet I am not simply a pure explorer, traveling through the 'wilds' of NPMR as Tom Campbell has done. Nor the fact that I have not been born into a life or taken paths which have given me the opportunity to persue strictly inward looking approaches to mysticism. So it is to be "Active Mysticism" as an attempt to clarify what is happening here. An active exploration of mysticism and related studies and practices seeking to understand the nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality.
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