Active Mysticism Continued.
Illuminated Dropped Capital Idon't believe that this adequately explains where the exploratory and active aspect comes in. If you are following me well however, it may be clear to you. It requires an active pursuit of the desired model. While all forms of mysticism and related practices can be looked upon as being based on a model of reality, the model is not necessarily directly stated but must usually be inferred. In general, various mystical practices and related social practices developed over centuries within their parent societies and the very base concepts of the cultures in which they formed would be known to all and not necessarily stated. These base concepts would constitute a large, normally unstated part of the model of reality within which they operated. I believe a very pertinent comment is given by the author Douglas Adams in the radio and television shows and later novels starting with The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Forty Two. In this series of books, he tells an illustrative sub-story of a space faring human culture that was sufficiently advanced to create planet sized computers. Their ultimate creation was designed to generate the answers to "life, the universe and everything". After this gigantic computer calculated literally for generations of the lives of its builders, it finally gave out its answer at the projected future time. The priestly class which had arisen to tend the computer anxiously awaited the answer. And the answer was: 42!
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