Active Mysticism Continued
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nfortunately no one had started out making sure that the computer had a clear model of reality as the human society understood it and would be providing answers to clear questions consistent with this model which would therefore have meaning to the questioners. Or alternately, the computer could have been programmed to create and then explain a model of reality which would be clear and consistent and understandable to the humans who built it. As they say in the computer field: Garbage in - Garbage out. It is this model of reality which I am actively pursuing, hopefully without garbage. My method of approach seems to be the only one available to me, not having a planet sized computer and generations of time available to me. Start with the insights or gifts given to me as descriptions of reality and God ~ Ultimate Reality as stated in this meta-book and search through other approaches to reality for congruent aspects of reality to more completely fill out the model. Active is a most appropriate term for the effort required in this project. Ultimately, I hope to directly explore what is described in the work of others. I will discuss the importance of internal models of reality to our existence and nature as humans at a later point. My Big TOE Trilogy. At present, this is the best I can find to do in describing and defining Active Mysticism. There are many others who are actively exploring different aspects of reality and also God ~ Ultimate Reality and who I will be discussing with their work at a later point. There is a 'hint' at right. They do not necessarily consider this to be what they are doing from their own point of view. I solicit their (and your) participation. Contact the Author <>.
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