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Illuminated Dropped Capital I have no publisher to hide behind. Not having an audience at present, this is no problem. I really would like to hear from readers with any corrections you can give me. The mistakes are my own and I would like to eliminate them all. So tell me about even the smallest typographical or spelling errors. In that spirit, any suggestion for improvement is welcome. I am pretty much wedded to attempting to emulate an illuminated manuscript. I wish it were all my own art work rather than modified clip art. I have investigated using a font like those used in manuscripts, but did not care for the results and the legibility was bad. Besides, it simply looked affected and how many would have the font on their computer.

Illuminated Dropped Capital A
ny comments you wish to make are also welcome. I do hope you took my welcoming phrase to heart and entered in peace however. Anything you bring to my attention that I have overlooked or you feel I should know about would be greatly appreciated and I will integrate it into the site as well as I am able. By all means tell me of any errors of fact and I will make corrections. Keep in mind that I claim no expertise in any particular tradition or practice and have no interest in factional strife. I will be forced to use my own best judgement and insights at the last. Everyone has their own contact point on the elephant. I'm trying to broaden viewpoints, not narrow them.

Illuminated Dropped Capital If any interest had developed in an e-mail group, I would have put one together. I have frankly been disappointed in such groups related to mysticism in the past as everyone apparently was rapt in contemplation and had nothing to say to each other. I am particularly interested in communicating with those who are exploring reality actively in some way. Whether it fits what I have said or described herein or not, please tell me about it. I just wish I had the time, energy and ability to see it all myself. There is in fact such a quality and active group in Tom Campbell's Bulletin which I have administered for several years now. Here is a link to that bulletin board for your convenience.

Tom Campbell's, the My Big TOE Bulletin Board

Registration is required to post there but is a simple process. Registration also permits you to view all of the Bulletin Board instead of just most of it. There is valuable reference material that is not available without registering. The intent of that board is the discussion and explanation of Tom Campbell's books, My Big TOE, and this site will not be discussed there except as and if I refer someone to it on occasion.

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