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Notes on New and Revised Content

I have completed a major revision to the information on this site. However the presentation is not complete. This is to accommodate new insights obtained after reading "My Big TOE" by Thomas Campbell which has given me additional insight and understanding of things which I had previously only had slight contact with and understanding of. My review of this trilogy of powerful and highly valuable books is located on this link. The rewriting and display are not complete and my worldly responsibilities are greatly interfering with completing my plans. Therefore I have not waited for the two major parts of this presentation but present them now for their potential value to you. More will be added as time permits.

First, I have added a new and much revised Short Model of Reality Version 2 which links from the first and last pages of the original Short Model. You are invited to read both and compare. This is a much more powerful Short Model.

Second, I have revised the Introduction section, explaining my debt to Thomas Campbell and his trilogy, "My Big TOE". Again, the first and last pages of the new version are linked from the first and last pages of the original Introduction.

Third, I have added new chapter listings to the end of the Table of Contents page giving present titles to new chapters written but not fully complete based on the new Short Model of Reality - Version 2. I don't know when I will know that I am at an end. Probably never in fact, but sometime for this book.

I have added a "store" linked to this site. I invite you to investigate this store. The items being sold display images suitable to the themes of this website. Some visitors may find them of interest. Click on this link to see the images and items available. I am leaving this store open as I am paying nothing for it. Nor am I receiving any income from it as the store site keeps it all as there are so few purchasers. I simply leave it up just in case anyone is interested.

If you are reading this, there is a lot of revised or added content, mostly of a minor nature scattered throughout the meta-book. I apologize for not having a good way to point it out to you. It is basically not worth purposely seeking out. I have found and fixed a number of typing errors and technical errors. First note that if you follow any of the immediately following links, return here with your "back" button or equivalent. There are major revisions in the addition of individual pages showing the individual "poems" constituting Ultimate Reality as Universal Mind, but this adds only to appearance, not substance. I have also added a third version of this showing all the poems on one page. I have also made a major revision to the way that you navigate through the meta-book. The heading and link below on Page and Site Navigation takes you to that information. Particularly, you no longer are returned to the top of the Table of Contents when you return to this page but to the part of the page listing the page from which you are returning. Hopefully this will save some scrolling on this page and add convenience to your use of the site. You can also page through the whole meta-book without in fact having to return to the Table of Contents. I have also added many hyper-links from page to page which in some cases should add clarification by acting as references to some text. Some obscure things might be more clear. Just hit your browser "Back" button or equivalent to return after these side trips. I have also added a lot of alternative text items for graphics which I failed to include at first.

Illuminated capital B as dropped capital.asic and Freely Available Content.


Illuminated capital I as dropped capital.ntroductory Items


Illuminated capital O as dropped capital.pening Page. This is the normal entry point for this web site. This serves as the cover page of this meta book and also the frontispiece.

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age or site navigation . Fairly obvious, mostly like a normal book, but please let me explain the differences.I have recently revised navigation for greater simplicity and ease of movement. There are special notes of explanation on this page as well.

ontacting the author. I truly would appreciate your corrections, requests or just comments. I have changed my concerns to the Bulletin Board and the Wiki of Tom Campbell where I serve as the administrator. This is disussed elsewhere and there are links in several places on this site. Contact me by e-mail from this site to discuss this site as I do not discuss it on Tom Campbell's site.

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lans for this as a meta books have been cancelled. My efforts are now devoted to the Bulletin Board and Wiki of Tom Campbell as administrator. There are multiple links to there from this site.

Illuminated capital P as dropped capital.reface, Page 1Page 2.The basic ideas and history behind this web site. A short note to let you know up front where I am coming from.

Illuminated capital P as dropped capital.urpose, Page 1Page 2Page 3. What I hope to provide to and achieve with my readers.

Illuminated capital I as dropped capital.ntroduction. Note that a new version of this Introduction links from the first and last pages of this original version. This gives you an overview of the contents of this meta book as well as some information about the author. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page 10. Page 11. Page 12. Page 13.

Illuminated capital D as dropped capital. edication. Glory to God in the Highest. After viewing this page, please click on either of the upper floral borders to return. If you would like a copy minus the extraneous floral borders, click on the main text for a borderless copy.

Illuminated capital P as dropped capital.roclamation of Being Page 1; Page 2; Page 3. Who and what I perceive myself to be: a point of perception in a universe of Mind.

Illuminated capital A as dropped capital.
ctive mysticism, a discussion and partial definition. Not rigorous, just to give you some further orientation. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4.

Illuminated capital G as dropped capital.ifts Received ~ The core items from which everything else presented here derives.

Illuminated capital P as dropped capital.oems from my youth and later: A stark world view based on Ultimate Reality as Universal Mind (Buddha Mind). A lot of information in a small space. Page 1, Page 2, Page 2-Alternate (for smaller display sizes).

Illuminated capital P as dropped capital.araphrases of the above as text. Short and cryptic still, I'm afraid, but the best I can do at this point. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4.


Illuminated capital P as dropped capital.ath of 8 Steps from my middle age years: A world view based on a path of progression to Union with God. This includes its own commentary. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4. I now see this as a Universal Path of Return to God for humans.

Illuminated capital I as dropped capital.hort Model of Reality. Note that a new version of this Short Model links from page 1 of this original version and back to page 18 at the end. This is a vastly more powerful model. A synthesis of gifts and insights. What I see as the combination of what I understand from the gifts given to me as described above and what I have learned from the various sources mentioned on page 4 of the Introduction.

ntroduction. Page 1: This is an attempt to give a short and concise, minimal model of the Nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality and therefore of our own existence.

oundary. Page 2: There is a boundary to the reality to which we normally have access. There is an aperture in this boundary.

xistence Field. Page 3: The nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality as we have access to it is an Existence Field which generates us and all else that exists in this reality.

ouls, Our Real Existence. Page 4: We have our true existence as souls which exist as relatively localized aggregates of either data or a medium which can be coded and organized as data.

ike A Dream. Page 5: One aspect of souls which must be considered is that apparent motion and other perceptions may be only apparent. Like the sense of vision for our physical bodies, apparent motion and other perceptions may exist only as a model of a physical reality, not as a physical reality itself.

ouls Joining Bodies. Page 6: Our souls maintain a continuous existence and consider themselves "at home" in a non physical portion of the reality we can access and know to a limited degree that is commonly referred to as the spirit world.

ierarchy of Souls. Page 7: There is a hierarchy of knowledge and abilities among souls, at least in the "organized" areas of the spirit world as reported from hypnotic regression studies.

pirit World Organization. Page 8: The organized portions of the spirit world are highly organized. There are also unorganized portions of the spirit world which can apparently be quite "wild and woolly".

oul - Body Communication. Page 9: Our souls acquire a special boundary structure when incarnated that allows communication with our bodies through the "acupuncture meridians".

ntelligence - Mind. Page 10: Intelligence of a sort or perhaps more appropriately, Mind, is associated with the existence field and thereby with all of reality. Pattern matching, perception and intelligence are properties inherent to God ~ Absolute Reality and are therefore available at varying levels in souls of organic beings, including humans.

ittle Man in the Box. Page 11: I have seen no sign that anyone claims to have found the little man who sits in a box somewhere inside and constitutes our self.

od's Personal Nature. Page 12: Not! Anthropomorphic views of God ~ Ultimate Reality as developed over the centuries of the evolution of the human concept of God are inappropriate. God has no "person".

onditions of Life. Page 13: Physical Reality as generated by the Will/ existence field of God ~ Ultimate Reality has the characteristic of generating and fostering the development, proliferation and the evolution of increasing complexity of physical life and life forms. And yes, Virginia, there is a food chain and you are in it.

imits of Knowledge. Page 14: The reality in which we exist and function has no absolutes. Two "laws" discovered in the fields of physics and mathematics show this to be true.

hy We Are Here. Page 15: Souls exist, and by extension and association, human beings, exist as energy ~ sense ~ probes by God ~ Ultimate Reality as functions of self perception and creation by God ~ Ultimate Reality.

lan Versus plan. Page 16: There is not a Plan. Yet there is a great deal of planning done by the higher levels of souls, i.e. the souls past incarnating and reported as reclusive, deep purple in appearance in the spirit world and the ones who direct everything.

he Second Aperture. Page 17: The second aperture in the barrier which encloses the Reality of which we are a part is even more enigmatic than the first aperture.

ommentary. Page 18: This is all I have available as a short model. There is much more to say, but not here in a short model. "Where is Jesus?", not to mention Buddha, Mohammed, etc. Not part of a short model of Reality.

Illuminated capital T as dropped capital.he blind men and the elephant. A traditional story. Pointing a finger at the Moon. Reflections on these themes. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3,

Illuminated capital T as dropped capital.nterim Conclusions. Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4. Last review of what I have attempted to provide to you in this site. My last chance to catch your interest. Page 2 includes links to seminal ideas in the Short Model, Gift of a Pathway (Gift) and Ultimate Reality as Universal Mind (Poems) sections. This shows much of how these ideas fit together to me.

Illuminated capital T as dropped capital.hat Comes Next? A last page, for the present, describing what I plan for the rest of the book. Also see below where I have listed many further pages not yet put on this site or otherwise made available.

Medieval style graphic.


Graphic of crossed keys.  There will be no follow up book. My writing and time are now devoted to serving as administrator for the Bulletin Board of Tom Campbell and for the Wiki of Tom Campbell. There are a few pages which I wrote towards the publication of such an originally planned book which link from this site. The information within them has however been combined with the Wiki of Tom Campbell. There is no market for such a book. Your interests will better be served by seeking further information there on Tom Campbell's sites. A few specific chapters that were planned and already written will be linked below but my further writing and development of my understanding of the Reality within which we exist is and will be available at the links below. There I support and have somewhat extended the work of Tom Campbell and if you have found any value here, you will find even more there.Graphic of crossed keys.


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