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Illuminated Dropped Capital T. here is a copyright notice on each page of this web site, barring oversights. In the case of any oversight, this is to serve as an overall copyright notice and explanation of this copyright for this web site. All rights are reserved by the author for any reproduction or dissemination of any portion of this site by any means and for any purpose. That having been established, the author grants to individual readers/visitors the right to save a copy of individual pages on their personal computer for purposes of later off line reading in a browser program but not for transfer to other computers or for mechanical reproduction (printing). This is in addition to the automatic caching of copies by the browser program you are using to view the site on the Internet which you might not even be aware of. In addition, the traditional permission is given for the use of appropriate short extracts for purposes of review, scholarly discussion and linking by other authors and web sites. You also have permission to make an occasional page copy from your browser on a printer for individual use but I do not recommend this and ask that you honor my request unless you have an over riding need.

Illuminated Dropped Capital T.he purpose in claiming copyright on my part is twofold. First, my life conditions are such that I will need the income (if any) which I might derive from the sale of physical copies and access to the subscription portion of this site, if ever produced. I ask you all as fellow sister or brother humans to honor this claim of right of authorship. Second, I have spent a great deal of life long effort in putting myself into a position to receive the information represented and to present it in a reasonably attractive form. Copyright gives no rights to contents as information in any case and no one believing as I do could claim ownership of such informational content when they feel it is a gift from God in effect. That is why there is a free section to this site. I would however like to maintain such control as is provided by international copyright institutions in order to protect the contents as both form and information from degradation and distortion. Thank you.

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s a final aspect of copyright requirements, the following statement is requested by Corel Corporation, the original provider of all clip art which I have used in this web site if not specifically designated otherwise. “Copyright © 2002 Ted Vollers and his licensers. All rights reserved." This also applies to clip art which I have modified from the original form or colors or storage format as permitted by Corel Corporation. This clip art was supplied with a purchased drawing program. Note that the Explorer and the Archer in whatever format are my own drawings covered by my own copyright and not part of the clip art provided by Corel Corporation.

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