The Elephant and the Moon


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s background information on some traditional references I have made use of and that may not be clear to everyone, I offer the following.

As regards the Elephant, the reference is to encountering Infinity in some fashion, viewed as God, Ultimate Reality, Mind or whatever. This is a common fable in countries where elephants are indigenous or commonly familiar and there are many traditional versions of the story. The metaphor involves a group of blind men encountering different portions of the anatomy of an elephant and each projecting from that single contact the nature of the elephant. Each is sure that he alone knows the true nature of the elephant from his single point of contact, no matter what the others have to say. Thus are we each limited to our own single point of contact with the infinity of God ~ Ultimate Reality and should from this precautionary tale take warning not to assume that we alone hold "The Truth" based on such a limited experience. Having received gifts of two versions of truth that are superficially in conflict, I certainly know that I do not have "The Truth". Everyone must find their own version of that. Having given you the ending, now I'll tell you the story. The plot is transparent anyway so I haven't spoiled the story.

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