Gift of a Pathway

Illuminated letter I as a dropped capital. reserve a more detailed explanation of the following pages which give the text of what I consider a gift which I was given in my late forties for the subscription portion of this web site or other form of publication. Suffice for the moment that I was not undertaking any particular program of meditation at this time but had previously had an insight that was related. This insight was that there was a congruence of a description of the field of "God's Love" as described by Annie Kirkwood in "Mary's Message to the World" with the field of the "Eagle's Emanations" as described by Carlos Castenada in several of his books and attributed to the shamanic tradition of his teacher, Don Juan Matus. I awoke one night at about 3 in the morning with no memory of a dream or other thoughts than the list of steps of a path of return to God as listed on the following pages. I immediately arose and wrote them down. A few weeks later, I was reviewing the eight items of the path and what I knew about them in my mind at about this same time of night, having awakened again from dreamless sleep. I realized that I had the explanatory additions listed after each step in my mind and immediately got up and wrote them down. Later I realized that there was also a congruence between the field of the "Eagles Emanations" and the observations of Robert Monroe on his Ultimate Journey to the end or edge of Reality where he observed an aperture from which an energy field emanated which he called God's Love. I consider this to be an existence field or God's Will by which all that exists is brought into and remains in existence. I now think of this as the Universal Path of Return to God for Humans. So you now have all that I was given in this gift on the following pages. This is part of my Short Model of Reality, Page 2: Boundary and Page 3: Existence Field.

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