Interim Conclusions

Illuminated Dropped Capital I
his is an attempt to clarify the meaning and intent of this web site, if I have not made it clear already. Of course, you may not have looked at enough of the site/ meta book to get the picture, so this is perhaps my last chance to get across to you, if possible, what I am trying to offer to you in this site. My last chance to catch your attention if I am not providing what you came seeking. I have been told before that I am not the best person to ask for the time of day as I am likely to tell you how to build a watch. Well, I'm doing it again. This time I am trying to tell you that you can, are fully able to and should build your own personal understanding of reality. That you can get this information directly from the Source and without monumental effort. You can talk directly to God or designated personal guides or directly experience Ultimate Reality, whatever your preferred way of thinking. Each one of us will have a unique and worthwhile experience.

Illuminated Dropped Capital I  am trying to give you a starting point here that includes much more information than most people put into such personal understandings of God ~ Ultimate Reality. I have put together what I am calling a Short Model of Reality using my personal insights and gifts given to me as a starting point and including aspects of reality explored by many other mystics, shamans and explorers of other types. I have found only one other explorer who has published a deeper and more comprehensive overview of the Nature of Ultimate Reality into which my Short Model of Reality, v.1 and everything else I have observed can be fitted. Although largely from another point of view than my original one, as a modern physics based Theory of Everything, this model of reality creates a self reinforcing, logical over all picture of how and why reality is the way it is. Even considering how far this explorer, Thomas Campbell, has ventured, who has reported the farthest and most in depth travel into and knowledge of Ultimate Reality that I am aware of and to whom I acknowledge a great debt, I have been given other, parallel, information directly from Ultimate Reality, tuned specifically to my understanding and permitting me to go far beyond anything I ever expected to know and offer to readers. You too can receive your own information from sources who will shape it to your best understanding simply by seriously asking for the gift.

Illuminated Dropped Capital Ihis Short Model explains so much that is vague, contradictory or unclear in systems of traditional metaphysics, avoiding general terms like energy or love or free will without giving it a functional basis. The final viewpoint of this web site includes the metaphysical insights being developed at the leading edge of science using quantum and other concepts from modern physics. Arguably the primacy of Consciousness as the underlying basis of everything is the new paradigm of modern physics. But this Short Model also includes the traditional viewpoints of mystics and religion and an examination of the origin, interaction and interconnectedness of Absolute Free Will, Good and Evil, all meaning and morality, dynamic driving forces and purposes, the basis for judging actions and the goals and basis for development within The One ~ God ~ Ultimate Reality. All of this I have included in my Short Model of Ultimate Reality, version 2. From this starting point, I hope that you go on and build your own understanding of God ~ Ultimate Reality. One that you have experienced directly rather than one based on teachings by others or faith based on religious dogma.

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