Interim Conclusions - Continued

Illuminated Dropped Capital I  have attempted to show that without being specially gifted, as you are part of It, you can communicate with God ~ Ultimate Reality and receive information, frequently in the way of clues which you must interpret, but two way communication never the less. I have spent virtually my life time working towards the results I have received lately. You can receive very basic information and warnings, as in "No, best not do that!" through elaborated ideas, detailed answers to questions and solutions to problems. That is how I got the original information included in this interim report. That is how I have created much of this text: open my mind and start typing and this is what spills out into my computer. Specifically, I had not planned this section of this interim report. Something or someone obviously did, because when I reached this point, something placed the need to do so in my head and when I sat down to write it out, there it was, complete after a little polishing and revising with Version 2 of my Short Model. I have now received as gifts, three very different approaches to the One ~ God ~ Ultimate Reality and thus I have used this terminology with a tilde instead of a hyphen or slash, signifying equivalence expressed very differently.

Illuminated Dropped Capital Ihave tried to show that gurus and traditional approaches and spiritual practices (especially when anguish is included) are not necessary. This was the major part of the Zen Master Bankei's enlightenment: that the anguish that he underwent to reach it was not really necessary. Just ask, expect to receive and look for the answer. Your own gifts will differ from mine. They will be specially fitted for your mind and way of understanding, not to mention your specific educational plan. Compare and weigh them against what others have said and experienced and you are likely to find very many agreements with others despite specific differences. You are very likely to find that you can see a basic fit with the commonality of what others have reported. You will have received basically the same message as given to the masters of the past, just fitted to your understanding.

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