inally I have given to you here the basic information, the gifts, which I have received. I have included the basic explanations provided to me to interpret these gifts. I have given this to you to show the quality of gifts, or information, which you can receive yourself. Perhaps this is not your goal, but rather more specifics about living your present life and solving your present problems. I have always, as far back into childhood as I can remember, wanted to understand how God and Reality worked. This has been a basic underlying goal of my life, although discussed with few during my life. Therefore I have received the things which I have described because they met my need and desire for information and have passed them on to you here because they might be of value to many persons. You will receive the specific information which best serves your goals and desires to answer your own requests. It is even possible that something herein is such an answer to you.

Illuminated Dropped Capital Fhe information I have mentioned herein does not begin to cover all of the communications I have received. The rest has been the basic kind of personal information which is neither worth describing or anything you should necessarily know about me. It is the very same kind of information that you are likely to be seeking for yourself for use in your own life. It is not only readily available, but it has probably been offered to you all of your life and you just didn't know to look for or notice or accept it. Start looking for your personal equivalent of a burning bush. If you do look, the manifestation may not have to be so dramatic as a burning bush to get your attention. Study the concept of synchronicity and look for it in your life. If you choose to do so, you can go so far as to experience your existence in constant and intimate contact and communication with God ~ Ultimate Reality. Visualize it as how a flag, if it had consciousness, would experience itself being caressed by the undulations of the wind as it passes, an intimate interaction. Sometimes in stillness, sometimes in gentle breezes and sometimes in gale force. Ultimately to become one with the wind with which it had interacted for all of its time of existence. This is your eternal existence in the existence field of God ~ Ultimate Reality. In constant communication and interaction as part of a reality of interconnected, fully intermeshed, conscious beings: pieces of the One ~ God ~ Ultimate Reality.

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