Illuminated Dropped Capital In the "real" world, I am an engineer, although now retired. People paid me to figure out solutions to problems, design new systems, create new things and figure out what was wrong with things that did not work and fix them. One principle of engineering design which I consider of great importance is that all of the pieces must fit together, match and work together. This may strike you as obvious and trite and you should be right. However, the number of instances in which engineering designs fail because of the violation of this principle is so great that it should never be considered as trivial. I believe that this principle should also have applicability to personal life and beliefs. Particularly about the nature of reality. And present beliefs about the nature of our reality by no means fit together and match up with each other. This is no where more evident in that science cannot explain Consciousness. A major aspect of my life from the beginning has been to prepare me to be part of the solution to this problem. If you are unfamiliar with the traditional tale of the Blind Men and the Elephant, click the link for my version. Bottom line is that I am attempting herein to paint a picture of the whole Elephant, trying to show how the pieces as viewed by the various blind men fit together into a single, complete as possible view. Some of the other viewpoints that I am weaving into this fabric are mentioned on page 4 of this Introduction. We have been blessed with the visions of a number of gifted explorers in recent decades and I have made use of their gifts to us in creating this composite model. I have been given the gift of contacting the Elephant at more than one point in my own personal explorations and thus having the personal viewpoint to attempt an even bigger view. Finally, I have had the great good fortune to meet and become the student of Tom Campbell, author of the (originally) trilogy of books titled My Big TOE. Much more on this later.

Illuminated Dropped Capital One of the common themes of religious instruction which I have observed from my childhood is the asking of questions which can be generalized as: If God (or insert your favorite variant of the name for the Ultimate Reality) has the property "X", how can He (or insert your favorite variant defining gender or the absence of such attributes) permit occurrence "Y" to have happened in the world? Even as a child, I felt that the true nature of God was such that questions like this didn't really make sense. It was not within our province to dictate what God could or could not do or what in fact was the true nature of God. Clearly to me, it was not a father figure with a long beard sitting on a throne. Going beyond that image, It was clearly beyond all images, gender, personality and any other anthropomorphic concept of a being. It is not however beyond the capability of our creating a model as a good beginning towards understanding the true nature of the Ultimate Reality which society has most nearly universally come to name as God or Gods. That is the nature of the endeavor in which I have come to be involved, assisting Tom Campbell in his project to provide a new paradigm, a scientific framework, for understanding our reality within which we find ourselves to exist.

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