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Illuminated Dropped CApital A  nother gift was my own vision of the physical nature of God (or at least some aspect which could be visualized), to the extent that this is possible for us as humans. Robert Monroe and Carlos Castaneda both gave descriptions of visions of what lies at the extreme far side of Reality which they referred to respectively as the Creator and the Eagle. The two visions which they described had many congruencies. My vision was basically insectoid in character but yet very congruent with the description of the Eagle as given by Carlos Castaneda. Calling it the Eagle and describing it as eagle like is culturally based, dating from pre-Columbian history in Don Juan Matus' culture, as stated by Carlos Castaneda. Other aspects of the vision opened up many new questions for me about my/our place in Reality.

Illuminated Dropped Capital O ne congruence between Robert Monroe and Carlos Castaneda was that they both saw an energy emission which they respectively called God's Love or the Eagle's Emanations which they see as the basis for our existence or perception. Compare this to God's Breath as in Hildegard von Bingen's desire to be a feather on God's Breath. Alternatively, compare this to the ultimate "quantum field" postulated by physicists in some of the science based attempts to determine the nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality. Tom Campbell in an unpublished personal communication tells me that their visions (and mine) would amount to archetypes based on our limited existence as incarnated human beings. These are the kind of things, but far from a complete list, which are discussed on the Bulletin Board portion of Tom Campbell's web site where you can discuss these things with me and others, if you choose.

Tom W. Campbell's Bulletin Board, author of My Big TOE.

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