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Illuminated Dropped Capital I  t is not my intention in this web site/meta book to alter your belief system. It is my intention to make you conscious of the possibilities of a much broader and deeper belief system and perhaps how to understand some of the things in your present belief system which you take on faith and do not truly understand. I cannot show you all of this reality. I can only, in effect, throw out a swirl of possibilities, described as best I can, for you to permit to pass through your mind and explore possibilities with me. It is for you to determine whether the pattern is pleasing and whether sufficient congruence of ideas exists to add to your own internal picture of Reality and to make it something you know instead of something you were taught. Perhaps also to show you how and lure you into the exploration of Ultimate Reality for yourself like the Explorer shown on the right. This exploration is much easier to do than people realize. This is what we are in fact designed for and to do. Phrased in another way and from another viewpoint, God talks to us, so learn how to listen. The Reality which we inhabit as multi-dimensional eternal beings is vast beyond possibility of our individual exploration and comprehension. Infinite in the sense of being unbounded. Yet it was created and we with it for just this purpose. Our base of existence, our play ground, our field for creation, the battleground for our victory and our defeat, our intellectual and educational institution, the place where we nurture consciousness, intelligence and fellow feeling. It appears to be both a place with a plan (but not a Plan) and also of great disorder and tumult. A place where we are ultimately on our own and simultanously part of God's Unity, the base of consciousness which underlies and permits the existence of every thing including all individuated conscious beings.

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