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Illuminated Dropped Capital S his site is a portion of and dedicated to the Glory of God. Of course from the viewpoint espoused herein, so is the lily of the field and the cow patty lying on the ground beside it. Reverence in this book consists in awe of even a partial vision of the Nature and Glory of God. Religiosity is not practiced here. God requires neither our reverence nor our worship. God requires nothing from us or of us that is not inherent to our nature. We are each a part of God with complete and absolute free will. By our very nature, we will without fail fulfill our position in Ultimate Reality. What our own nature requires is our remembrance of this and our eventual return along the path to Union with God. This is not a requirement, demand or even the desire of God. God has none of these. The only thing that pushes us along this path is the nature of ourselves and the Reality of which we are a part. We are never in fact apart from God but always a part of God. Ultimately, there is not in fact a path back to God. Such a path can not exist in a Reality in which neither we nor any thing that exists are ever apart or away from God or can exist outside the "Will Field" of God. Outside of the Will Field or Existence Field of God, nothing exists. We only forget (on purpose and by agreement) and have to remember who we are, if we are able. Following this open ended path in each succesive life on Earth. Each taking us a small increment closer to the point where we are able to contribute the most to the quality of the whole. Not seeking perfection but rather the greatest potential while never arriving at an end point or consummation. Always seeking to become even more than we have been before.

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