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Illuminated Dropped Capital As a corollary to the above, nothing can occur which is not within the Will of God. Not that God positively Wills that negative occurrences (in our opinions or from our point of view) exist, but rather that if it were truly contrary to God's Will, that is, not within the nature of Ultimate Reality, it would simply not occur or exist. The experiment would fail, the bomb wouldn't explode, the cloned embryo wouldn't develop, the machine wouldn't work, etc. And as this is a Virtual Reality which we experience but is not our sum and total existence, none of this should create fear, including fear of death as there is no such thing, only transition. A returning and again a returning to new experience based upon lessons previously learned and abilities previously enhanced.

Illuminated Dropped Capital S

e, as humans, are all collectively writing a part of the Ultimate Book on the Nature of God. Our "lives" are the pages. Our eventually joined perceptions are creating a model of the Universe and of the Nature of God. Other pages are being written elsewhere and by others. The Nature of God is being created and defined by the sum total of all of those individual "pages" of individuated consciousnesses. We are all potentially eternal, transdimensional and multidimensional beings. Never forget Who is dreaming you. Nothing is more real than God's Dream. Nothing is real which is not part of God's Dream.

Row, Row, Row your boat, Gently down the stream.  Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Verily, Life is but a ...

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