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ith the proper understanding of the nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality, it is my belief that such questions should disappear. It is part of the application of the engineering design principle mentioned above. It is my belief and observation that this is in fact a Created (Designed) Reality and that the pieces in fact do fit together if you truly understand the nature of this Reality. A reality check as it were, by consistency, on the truth of what you believe. With the proper understanding of the true nature of Reality, any supposed contradictions between the characteristics you, or your co-religionists of your chosen religion or philosophy, think that God, or our Reality, should have and what you observe happening within yourself, in your life or in the "outside world" will disappear.

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his web site is my reporting of the results of my (and others) exploration of the nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality. This is an alternative to writing a book; a sort of meta book. It will be continuously updated as my exploration continues and my understanding increases while a book would be static. A book would also be subject to the whims of an editor and the publisher's concept of salability. My personal explorations have always included the specific intent of figuring out how the pieces of Reality I have observed, or that others have observed or otherwise claim, fit together. The thought was that if the piece didn't fit, it probably wasn't true or at least, was not universal. My inclusion of references to the thoughts and works of others is with the intention of showing how their exploration, very possibly contrary to their intent, shows aspects of this "fit" in the nature of Ultimate Reality as I perceive it. You will perhaps be surprised by how many things from ancient texts and spiritual concepts can in fact be matched to aspects of this version of Ultimate Reality. One of my purposes in this endeavor has come to be to demonstrate to the many who come from religious and philosophical beliefs of wide diversity can actually and readily find themselves a home in this proposed new, yet actually ancient, paradigm, if they have any spark of mystical understanding within themselves. That or experience with the many aspects of our reality which do not fit with 'religious fundamentalism' or 'scientific materialism'.

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