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Illuminated capital T as dropped capital.hese are all explorations of reality which can and should be seen as partial views of Ultimate Reality. I see these viewpoints as alike and interconnected in many ways which are not widely considered, if at all. I have come to see that we are all like the blind men in the traditional tale, encountering an elephant and each extrapolating the nature of the whole creature from their own limited, single sense, single point contact with it. Where you are in your life colors the part of Ultimate Reality which you experience and how you observe it. I say this having been given the gift of the opportunity of experiencing two different viewpoints which I see as equally valid. I see us all as examining different parts of the Elephant and I am trying to integrate our individual viewpoints into a cumulative, more comprehensive, viewpoint and a more complete understanding. Everyone stays within the limits of their own private vision of God ~ Ultimate Reality and therefore within the limits of their own private vision of their own nature and place in Reality. Having a wider viewpoint is another of the gifts which I feel I have received.

Illuminated capital T as dropped Campbell in his Theory of Everything has the widest and deepest point of view I have encountered, published in his trilogy of books, My Big TOE. From his books and the personal communications which I have been privileged to exchange with him, I have been able to enlarge my own viewpoint, resulting in this Version 2 of this web site. This has permitted me to understand a number of things which I had encountered but not previously felt I understood adequately to include in this web site except as speculation and comments. The threshold for understanding much of Thomas Campbell's Theory of Everything is quite high but if you are prepared to tackle my web site, you are well equipped to and definitely should tackle My Big TOE. Actually Tom Campbell has made an extensive effort in his trilogy to compensate for this very thing in his method of presentation. He has taken the time to provide multiple viewpoints and alternative presentations with expansive asides to compensate for the complexity of the subject matter. I have over the years been interested in and read about or studied to some degree, digital electronics, computer programming at many levels, information theory, data base theory and many other fields which bear on the content of My Big TOE, as well as my studies in engineering and spirituality, providing to me the background to understand Tom Campbell's references. I have in his My Big TOE, encountered several instances of such personal significance to me, echoes from so many simultaneous connections of ideas and such sudden insight into things, that I felt I was ringing like a bell with the resonance of the associations. For this boost in my understanding, I personally thank him. I believe that I can say however that even he would agree that wide as his viewpoint and direct and lengthy as his experience has been, his is still only his viewpoint and understanding and you must go out and experience your own. Such is the nature of encountering the Big Truth of Reality, especially from the limited viewpoint of an "incarnated" being as he points out repeatedly in his trilogy of books which I review briefly and superficially at this link.

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