Introduction - Continued.

Illuminated Dropped Capital I  tend to use the word God and phrase Ultimate Reality although I don't really like all the anthropocentrism and cultural baggage which comes with the word God. I will discuss elsewhere more extensively why I use this word and what I mean by it. I haven't however found a perfect alternative that is without the semantic and cultural baggage. Carlos Castaneda used the word "Nagual" and the phrases "the active side of infinity" and "the Dark Sea of Awareness" and, I believe, means the same thing that I mean when I use the phrase Ultimate Reality or the word God. Don Juan rejected God as not being part of the Nagual, but rather part of the Tonal or normal human derived things. I believe he was making the same kind of distinction I am about the usual meanings and attached baggage carried by the word. To use religion or ethnic based alternative names for God would no doubt cause some conflicts and unhappiness. I use the terms God and Ultimate Reality because they are basically generic and not likely to be disputed under someone's copyright or religious sensibilities. To some extent, the semantic and cultural baggage can be useful. At least people generally know the concepts involved when you say God, even if the scope is insufficient and the details are different and subject to disagreement. I am in accord with the respect associated with the term. The bottom line is that these two terms "God" and "Ultimate Reality" each cover one of the first two viewpoints that I have been given and I tend to use either the one that fits best in the current context or to use both with a tilde between, signifying to me an equivalence. In fact, I frequently switch to other terminologies such as "the One" because a particular semantic association better matches the aspect of Ultimate Reality being discussed and it is also inherently generic and not definitively linked to some particular viewpoint or religion. There is also truth in the concept of the ten thousand names of God and value in using the one that fits best at the time.

Illuminated capital T as dropped Campbell in his trilogy, My Big TOE, chose to not use the word God for much the same reasons I have indicated a degree of disinclination to do so. He states that it is part of terminology designed for our comfort, not that it describes reality. The result was the use of a number of terms that are actually very traditional sounding such as: Source, Creator, The One, Absolute Unbounded Oneness (AUO), and Absolute Unbounded Manifold (AUM) where the letters in parenthesis are the acronyms he normally uses. Basically I can find no difference between the characteristics I found myself and those stated by Tom Campbell. On the basis of the rule of thumb, "if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck", I have chosen to continue to use the title God. As I understand the Nature of God and explain it herein, there is little human comfort in God as the chosen name as I use it. Some mystics, especially of the Medieval period, have chosen to use very personal terminology to describe their perceptions of God, but I don't find it characteristic of more modern mystics so I stay with God as understandable to many. We should always keep in mind that everything arose from Void and hence nothing has any meaning except as we build a suitable world of meaning out of our words which are also only symbols composed of other symbols which ultimately go back to nothing but self reference to the self same world of meaning which we are building ("digital" sand castles out of "digital" sand).

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