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Illuminated Dropped Capital I  see different aspects of the same Reality emphasized in various traditional mysticisms, religions and other approaches to figuring out Ultimate Reality. All are incomplete. Of necessity coming from an incarnated human, my view is only a little more complete, far from explaining everything. Complete enough to emphasize to me what I don't know and how incomplete any possible view by a human must be. This even includes the Theory of Everything written by Tom Campbell in his trilogy of books, My Big TOE. He extensively discusses the inherent limitations of our viewpoint as incarnated humans although his TOE appears to include the most extensive and comprehensive view of everything with which I have come in contact or that I have seen others advocate, creating a very clear perspective. The sheer vastness and variety of Ultimate Reality and the limitations of human perception makes anything one of us envisions and creates far short of describing Ultimate Reality. However my latest version 2 of my Short Model of Reality includes the basic principles on which God ~ Ultimate Reality operates and thus covers a lot of territory in a small space. I believe this is a powerful gift given to us. This will be discussed further later.

Illuminated Dropped Capital I don't see energy (as Carlos Castaneda describes and as Tom Campbell describes in his Book 1 of My Big TOE, pp. 90-92) nor do I have great success in remembering clearly all of the things I experience out of body. I do bring back information when I have a need to answer a question or solve a problem. I do Talk to God/Talk with God (that is, pray and get answers back) and have done automatic writing, starting back in the late 1980's, as Neale Donald Walsch does in "Conversations With God". Most of this web site was created in this way. Even though I don't see the energy of the Universe or the "Eagle's Emanations" as described by Carlos Castaneda, I believe that I "see" as described by Don Juan Matus in Carlos Castaneda's books: Ultimate Reality shows or tells me things which I need to know at times. Viewed alternatively, God Talks to me.

Illuminated Dropped Capital A  major lesson I am learning is that we/I belong here in the situations in which we find ourselves and that we can and must (for optimum results) trust our experience and existence as part of God ~ Ultimate Reality. As the medieval mystic Hildegard von Bingen expressed it, "to be a feather on God's Breath". There are several reasons that I have seen illustrated that show that we should trust the process. First, we appear to have been provided with an acceptable level of preview and warnings at our soul level of just what we will face in our lives and agreed to the plan so we are thus trusting ourself. Second, we have examples that show that we can encounter major changes in perception, up to the loss of our sense of self, our ego, and still continue to follow our path and fill our place in our pre-planned life, guided by our Soul, our real self. There is a significance to my use of soul versus Soul that is explained elsewhere. Third, you can, as I have, eventually reach a point along your life's path where you can begin to see that the encounters and changes of your life do relate to a comprehensible path with a theme based on your educational requirements and that you fit into the place established for you. Fourth, advice and guidance is available to each one of us individually for the asking. Although such insights, intuitions or communications from what appear to be non-physical sources, to us as incarnated humans, would appear to be unlikely to in fact originate at a level that could truly justify identifying God as the direct source, they do originate at levels of the system effectively "above" us and intended for our guidance and assistance and make use of the communications channels provided inherently by the nature of Ultimate Reality, the Existence Field of God, Indra's Net. Better understanding of the source and nature of this communication can result in making better use of it, but does not change its essential nature: it depends upon God ~ Ultimate Reality.

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