Illuminated Dropped Capital A  nother gift, as a result of nothing that I had purposely done, was the loss of my "internal dialogue" as Carlos Castaneda called it. One morning I woke up and it was like having an anechoic chamber inside my head. An anechoic chamber is a chamber without echoes. Any sound generated dies out immediately with no return echo from the walls. I have never been in one, but I have been in locations and at times when there was no sound or reverberation/echo that I could hear so I believe this is a good analogy to what I experienced. It was an effort to think deliberately about anything versus previously when I had had significant thought "leakage" into my consciousness with little control of this. Now there was no echo from a thought. When I thought of one thing, and it was an effort, it did not lead to another in a chain of association. Nothing intruded.

Illuminated Dropped Capital A

hile I have accommodated to this condition and have learned to think consciously about things as before, I can normally stop such thought processes when I desire and there is no stream of uncontrollable chatter passing through my consciousness. There is thus less problem in "hearing" intuitive or other messages. Since then I have read about the experience of Suzanne Segal and, combined with other experiences and insights since then, can see this as a related phenomenon although not as profound a change as occurred to her. Stopping the internal dialogue, as Carlos Castaneda called it, was not unheard of to me and my experience was within bounds that kept it from creating fear. It still has resulted in a major change in my sense and consciousness of self and and is part of my understanding of the Short Model of Reality that I have provided. Another gift was an experience that I will not describe now in which it was made clear to me how God ~ Ultimate Reality can make use of us in the lives of others, whether we know what we are doing or not, if we permit ourselves to be guided in our actions. I have since experienced other such instances, both trivial and as major parts of my personal life.

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