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Illuminated Dropped Capital T here were many things which I planned for this as a Meta-Book, many of them dependent upon time, energy and the interest displayed by you who are reading this page. This includes its conversion into and availability as an e-book which is likewise abandoned. As regards contents, I will continue to add to this Meta-Book web site as long as I am finding out or given new things of potential value to others. I believe that the contents of this site represent a unique approach to the understanding of the Nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality and are of value to others. However I have come to believe that it is of more value for me to contribute to the efforts of Tom Campbell to produce a new paradigm of science and society in terms of all of our reality being based upon Consciousness. This appears to be in the nature of an assignment for me, as well as Tom, of life long standing. Thus you will find me there full time administering Tom's Bulletin Board and Wiki. Links are provided at many places on this site.

Illuminated Dropped Capital It has taken considerable effort to create this web site, limited as it is. Besides learning now to create appropriate HTML code to have things display roughly as I desired, poorly as I was able to do so, I have found the resources and information available as limited and poor quality as I find most aspects of computer programs. I finally gave up on being able to have things display as I really wanted them to, finally accepting as advised, that the Hyper Text Markup Language was not designed for more than rough approximations. There was no hope of having a printout of a page look like the monitor display and certainly no hope of more than rough similarity of display from browser to browser.

Illuminated Dropped Capital Plans for the anticipated subscription portion of this web site are also abandoned. There are many questions I would like your comments on. Do you even like the illuminated manuscript simulation and roughly medieval style illustrations? Is the contents of any interest? What have I forgotten or what do you think of my writing? Would you prefer a different style? I am writing much like I am now (casually and person to person, as I see it), but I would try to change my style if there were adequate reason. I also know that I am not totally consistent in my writing, depending on the subject at the time. So please let me know your thoughts.

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