Illuminated Dropped Capital Ihave spent my life, in the times between the requirements of normal living, studying mysticism from the inside and from the beginning:Medieval style graphic. Why am I strange and concerned about these weird things?; Am I really a mystic?; What path should I be studying?; Out of all these traditional paths, which are hints and guesses?; which are real?; and so fourth. At the same time in my normal life as an engineer, I have solved many design problems and fixed many broken designs by applying a few principles and figuring things out for myself. Eventually I reached the point where I realized that these engineering and life based principles could be applied to mysticism and my desire to understand the Nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality.

Illuminated Dropped Capital Eventually I began to understand some things, not by any effort or merit on my part, but as a gift of knowledge (or sometimes a rap on the side of the head). Things were still not necessarily clear and required study and further gifts to be understandable to me. Eventually Medieval style graphic. my understanding blossomed and I was invited by Tom Campbell, author of My Big TOE, to administer first his Bulletin Board and then his Wiki. There you can find most of my continued learning expressed and learn, if you are interested, in how Reality 'works' and Consciousness 'arose' and is the basis for all of our Ultimate Reality. Links are provided from multiple places on this site as well as from here.

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