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Illuminated Dropped Capital Eventually, I was able to see how these things fit together, along with the writings of others describing their own various explorations into Ultimate Reality. This web site or "Meta Book" is my report of my Medieval style design.personal explorations, gifts received and the model of Ultimate Reality into which these elements, including the explorations of others, appear to fit. As noted on the "front page", this is an interim report: when and as I learn more, it will be reported. This is the advantage of a web site as a dynamic production over a static book.

Illuminated Dropped Capital I hope that this report of a modern, life long spiritual quest encourages you, each reader, to seriously engage yourself in your own spiritual quest. Learn to talk "with" God. God is ready to drop answers into your hands Medieval style design. if you will only make the minimal effort of holding them out and cupping them slightly so as not to "drop" the gift that is given to you. You have to expect an answer and pay attention. These answers can include, if you will exert the effort, a real understanding of just exactly how it all works and our purpose in being here. All in modern, "scientific" terms/metaphors instead of the traditional metaphors of mysticism.

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