Proclamation of Being


The bent bow, full drawn,
I Am,
The arrow, face into the rushing wind.

Illuminated Dropped Capital This is my statement of being.  I have not been taught nor have I discovered any other.  Nor have I tried to create another by thinking on it.  There is a folk song with the line, "I'd rather be a hammer than a nail."  I would choose to beJapanese style floral. neither the nail nor the hammer but both simultaneously. In fact, the implication inherent to the hammer/nail analogy of the nail being used by the hammer is contrary to my feelings and to my perceptions of the nature of the reality of which I am a part.  I do not in fact see this as a choice but rather a statement of fact.  I am not some driving intelligence or consciousness standing back from existence firing arrows of action into a scene which I see as separate from myself.  I am a point of perception in and of a reality of which I see only a small part at most times and within which reality I exist as an integral part.  A part which is not separated from the other parts which I perceive but rather joined to them by the Ultimate Reality which is the basis for the existence of the whole.  I am neither the bow as the driving force or consciousness nor the arrow as the action or thing acted upon but both as one.  Perceived as such or not, so in fact are we all.
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