Proclamation of Being - Continued.

Illuminated Dropped Capital There is another aspect of my self perception of my state of being that is illustrated graphically below. Some years ago, I stepped out of the solidity of normal being in the world into a reality that provides support while not being directly and normally perceptible. My present view of reality does not in my opinion have all of the contradictions of the more normal ones of human society. A knight in armor was chosen as an image because while protection is provided, vigilance is required, but normally not aggression; note the drawn sword but not an attacking stance. The link to the imagery of the Leap of Faith of the Grail Legends is also deliberate. Another reason for the choice is that the armor provides external form, including the helmet, as there appears to be nothing inside but a point of perception.

Leap of Faith - Exploring Ultimate Reality

I have already discussed this briefly as the loss of my internal dialogue and these are all slightly different viewpoints on and descriptions of my self perception or lack therof. Ultimately, there is no I, no doer; only a perceiver and everything just happens. Open your mouth and words fall out. Be in a situation and actions occur. There are goals and plans, but no compulsion to accomplish them. Things seem to happen by themselves. I am not apart from the continuum of being which I perceive around me. Not the center, the cause or the doer but part of the flow of Ultimate Reality.

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