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To see the merchandise as offered, click on this link.
I have chosen to create a "shop" where items may be purchased with graphic images showing themes and ideas from this web site. It is a matter of advertising and income. Watching the traffic on my web site versus what I see on the rest of the web has shown me by what a huge ratio sex outsells spirituality in our culture. So I am attempting to get a little more exposure. I am using a web based service to maintain this shop and produce the products called Eventually I expect to have them reproduce and sell e-books and perhaps paper books for me. For now, I can set up some bumper stickers and such in the time available. I am showing reduced size images below of the images on products. Even though they are reduced in size, they are still larger and clearer that can be shown on the shop site. Note that they are reduced at various ratios to fit the page size of this web site. If you have other "favorite" spirituality based slogans or quotations, please let me know and I will consider including them. I desire to advance ideas and be helpful. Contact me at

Images for Merchandise Items:

T-Shirts with 10"X8" or 8"X10" Image
Also as Approx. 4"X4" Image on a ceramic tile

Note that the images are coarsened slightly in conversion to this small size for display on this page. The images are slightly modified in proportions for the tiles and are of course, much smaller.


Bumper Stickers (10"X3.5")

Small Stickers (5"X3")

Posters in Three Sizes
Miniature - 12"X18", Small - 16"X20", Large - 23"X35"

The Graphic Images below are typical of all poster sizes.
These posters have the simulated vellum/parchment background as used on the web site. If you prefer a plain white background, please let me know and I can create that version as well with little extra work. Presently only the miniature poster has had its image created. With my available software, these large, high density (300 dots per inch) images must be created in sections and then joined which is a demanding task to get it precisely right. If you are interested in the larger sizes, please contact me at

To see the merchandise as offered, click on this link.

The products themselves on which the images are displayed are fully described on the Shop site. The options and workings of the Shop arrangements are fully explained there. Prices, payment and shipping arrangements are fully explained and handled there. offers their services to anyone who wishes to sell their products with their own graphics applied. If you make use of their services to create your own shop, please tell them that I sent you as I receive credits for the referral.

Note that I am open to your suggestions and requests. Options are limited to the items available from the manufacturer and further limited to those on which I think these messages are appropriate. Click here or contact me at

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