Short Model of Reality: Intelligence - Mind

Illuminated Dropped Capital I ntelligence of a sort or perhaps more appropriately, Mind, is associated with the existence field and thereby with all of reality. Pattern matching, perception and intelligence are properties inherent to God ~ Absolute Reality and are therefore available at varying levels in souls of organic beings, including humans. Pattern matching at a sufficiently high level becomes perception. Self referential perception or self perception at a sufficiently elaborated level becomes recognized as intelligence. Thus all intelligence is "artificial" (and in fact, digital rather than analog) in the way that humans are attempting to learn how to create intelligence in computers. As "souls" of whatever complexity or level are created, the "mechanism" of perception, self perception and whatever unrecognized capabilities exist are made a part of the volume of whatever it is that constitutes the new soul. This process is reported to occur at a specific location in the spirit/non physical world where volumes of material are ejected from the surface of the source material (which is undefined at present). It would appear that the process is of a random nature or possesses random attributes as not all volumes of material become fully independent of the originating mass but immediately return to the origin. Others that become independent have varying characteristics from those suitable to be incarnated with intelligent physical beings down through lesser souls for animals, insects, plants and whatever other categories we know nothing about. Still other "souls" do not have suitable characteristics to be incarnated at any level and remain in the spirit world, fulfilling presently unknown functions. There is a further wide variation comparable to the types of varying character and mental and emotional attributes associated with human beings. Part of our reasons for incarnating as human or other beings is to create and/or develop these attributes within our souls.

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