Short Model of Reality: Little Man in the Box

Illuminated Dropped Capital O ur soul constitutes our true mind while our organic brains have memory, language, body control and physical perception elements as well as relation to emotions and feelings. Our organic brains are linked to our bodies by nerve systems and hormone systems. While many areas of our brains have been determined to relate to specific functions, I have seen no sign that anyone claims to have found the little man who sits in a box somewhere inside and constitutes our self. Presumably the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. I am also unaware of anyone studying the acupuncture meridian system as a communication link between our souls and our bodies and brains. While I have only sources from meditation to base my statements on, how many universally found body structures and features exist for no reason what so ever? Not knowing their reason for existence does not mean that they have no such reason. It appears that the reason we don't find the little man and the box in which he hides inside our brains is that he is elsewhere, outside our bodies in our souls. It has been reported for decades that there exists a connection between our physical bodies and our non physical bodies when our soul temporarily separates from our physical bodies in sleep or in an out of body experience. This is typically referred to as a silver cord. The silver cord is essentially infinite in its extensibility. It is regularly reported as the link which forces a rapid return of our soul to our physical body if the physical body is in danger or something forces an awakening. This arrangement of our soul/identity also fits in perfectly with the characteristics and occurrence of near death experiences as so widely reported in recent years. Also with the the out of body experiences reported for centuries and again, more frequently in recent years. The apparent "point of perception" has even been reported to be shiftable to positions outside the physical body. That is, instead of perceiving oneself as viewing reality through our eyes, one can perceive reality from a point near but outside the physical body during normal waking activities. This point of perception can be quite stable in this external position and there is no loss of functionality, even if the "I" is lost.

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