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nthropomorphic views of God ~ Ultimate Reality as developed over the centuries of the evolution of the human concept of God are inappropriate. We only have access to God ~ Ultimate Reality within the bounds of reality as described above. Within these bounds we can only observe the existence field generated outside of the bounds of the reality which we can know by God ~ Ultimate Reality and therefore ourselves and physical matter within and as products of this field. The best word I have been given to describe the relationship of God ~ Ultimate Reality to "us" is that God ~ Ultimate Reality cherishes us. We are in fact part of God ~ Ultimate Reality at the very deepest possible level of which we can know. But to attribute a personality or personhood, properties, qualities or desires to God ~ Ultimate Reality is not appropriate. Human characteristics, simply because they are human based, are especially inappropriate. Further explanation will be given in describing our role as humans (or other equivalent beings) which should help clarify these present statements. Characterizing God ~ Ultimate Reality on any polarity such as good/evil, loving/unloving or with any general properties or attributes such as infinite, all knowing is not appropriate or supportable by what we are able to observe of the existence field with which we are in intimate contact. No matter what intellectualizations or theological analyses or wish lists are produced by humans, there is no real way to link them to the existence field with which we are intimately in contact. By virtue of the existence field generated by God ~ Ultimate Reality, all of the "10,000 things" are generated whether we find them desirable or undesirable, good or evil, etc. Only those things which do not and can not exist within the existence field can truly be considered as contrary to the Will of God ~ Ultimate Reality. This is not a matter of will in the sense of desire, but simply the way Reality is put together. What is the purpose or whether there is a purpose to any of this is simple speculation if we base our thinking on analysis or extrapolation or simply human desire for purpose, meaning and justification. The only thing which I have been given to understand about this is that the generation of the existence field by God ~ Ultimate Reality is an inherent part of the expression of the Nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality. Whether we choose to view the result as a Cosmic Soap Opera, a Cosmic Dream or an Ultimate Expression of Being or something else is simply guessing on our part at this time. I tend to opt for all of the above.

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