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Illuminated Dropped Capital P hysical Reality as generated by the Will/ existence field of God ~ Ultimate Reality has the characteristic of generating and fostering the development, proliferation and the evolution of increasing complexity of physical life and life forms. Part of this nature is that organic life forms consume for use in their own internal processes and growth, materials including other life forms. There is a "food chain" and therefore predation and the killing of one life form for the benefit of another. There are also forms of symbiosis and parasitism with organisms living within and upon other organism both for the benefit of and/or the detriment of the nominal host organism. Life is a messy and complicated business with one being's self/ child/ sister/ brother/ father/ mother serving as meat for another being, no matter where you stand in the food chain. In addition, there is disease, as we call it, with a nominally very low level life form destroying the life of a nominally much higher level life form in the process of its normal life cycle. And then of course there is simple physical accident resulting in physical damage to or death of an organism. There is apparently the existence of pain as we human beings call it experienced at many levels of life forms. It is clear from this view point that God ~ Ultimate Reality does not view any of this as either good or bad in any absolute way. It exists as an inherent part of the nature of the reality which God ~ Ultimate Reality has generated by the action of its existence field or Will. And all physical reality and all beings are generated and sustained in existence by this action and are therefore all part of God. This is a reality in which any such common question of the type "How can God permit an occurrence such as (choose anything which you view negatively) to happen?" has no meaning in reality. God did not "permit" the occurrence other than in the sense that God ~ Ultimate Reality generates the existence field within which the occurrence was able to occur. This is not a reality in which everything is according to a Plan, but rather there is so called, free will. At the same time, since everything exists within and because of the existence field generated by God ~ Ultimate Reality, as traditionally stated, God is aware of the fall of even the smallest sparrow. To the extent that we learn about and develop our ability to interact consciously with the existence field generated by God ~ Ultimate Reality, we develop a degree of ability of manipulate the field or have it manipulated in our behalf. We can choose to a surprising degree the portions of reality with which we choose to interact.

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