Short Model of Reality: Why We are Here

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ouls exist, and by extension and association, human beings, exist as energy~sense~probes by God ~ Ultimate Reality as functions of self perception and creation by God ~ Ultimate Reality. They could be considered as the equivalents of God's sense organs, hands, etc. They are indirect and uncontrolled however, not direct extensions or directly controllable. Do not however think in terms of human properties in regard to the Nature of God because of the use of this analogy. We are here to create meaning(s), to create names for things, to make lists, to categorize, to make distinctions, to evaluate, to try and build meaningful relationships between the things that we create, to develop systems of thought, logic, law, mathematics, the sciences, etc. We are particularly here to develop ways for humans to interact in peace, establish brotherhood/ sisterhood as the basis of our interrelationships and social and economic institutions. We, as humans and souls, are both the perceivers and the judges and the creators of these mental constructs. As well, we are an inherent and integral part of the whole of this Ultimate Reality so we should be able to take this knowledge and continue to refine our evaluations of the merits of different aspects of this reality and reduce the predominance of those we find to be ultimately negative in value and emphasize those which we perceive as positive. We are hampered in this in two major ways. First, because of the amnesia regarding past lives which takes place at birth, we do not know who we are: that our true, eternal, existence is as souls with the resulting perspective on caring for and serving each other that this could give to us in our temporary roles as incarnated beings. Second, we do not (and are encouraged in the spirit world to not) bring in adequate preparedness at birth (commonly referred to as "energy") to control our bodies but rather leave ourselves, as souls, vulnerable to being controlled by the emotions and senses, not to mention the neurological and neurochemical difficulties, of our physical bodies. The result is the chaos which we see around us.

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