Short Model of Reality: Plan Versus plan

Illuminated Dropped Capital There is not a Plan. Yet there is a great deal of planning done by the higher levels of souls, i.e. the souls past incarnating and reported as reclusive, deep purple in appearance in the spirit world and the ones who direct everything. In addition, there are many souls who are in the spirit world and could be considered to be specialist technicians involved in this planning and its implementation. These planners have the ability to scan forward in time and display the basic conditions and direction of the individual lives of children not yet born for the consideration of souls who then choose to join with the body of the child, serving as its soul, or not. When you rail against the content of and the fates (or Fates as you choose) controlling your life, know that you made a (relatively) informed choice in selecting its parameters, and chose it yourself out of more than one option proposed to you as meeting your personal development plan. You agreed to attempt to follow the plan as presented to you but you do have free will for good or ill. You can fail of your plan, exceed your plan or completely deviate from the plan. All lives apparently have numerous planned decision points as well. Clearly, if there is a group of conspirators controlling the future of the earth, these are the ones. To do what they do in the way of projecting potential lives for our selection, they must obviously have a general plan of the future of the earth and human societies. This is not being revealed in regression hypnotherapy sessions. It is an obvious necessity however. This is not God's Plan as God only has a plan in the sense of the inevitabilities of Union with God. This is very much a plan of the higher level souls with no "democratic" attributes. There are areas of the spirit world not subject to this plan, but any "rebellion" is not reported. Whether reincarnation processes are available to those not in agreement with the organized plan is not reported either.

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