Short Model of Reality: The Second Aperture

Illuminated Dropped Capital T he second aperture in the barrier which encloses the Reality of which we are a part is even more enigmatic than the first aperture. It only opens periodically and admits the products of our individual lives or of our souls, our cumulative lives or possibly even all of us incarnating as humans at one time. Other incarnated beings in this Reality, not associated with earth, also return through this opening. What is admitted is unclear. Glimpses can be caught of whatever lies through this second aperture. Whatever is "seen" and interpreted as if by normal vision is entirely enigmatic. It has no reference points on a human scale or in a human intellectual frame. It has been described as an "Eagle", black and monstrous in size, but with the specific explanation that this is a culturally based metaphor cued entirely by superficial features seen in short glimpses. My own vision has no frame of reference for size and the features observed were more comparable to the shiny black with brown overtones and curved shapes to be seen in the armor of horned beetles. The "consensus" would be that we have no clue to the reality of what is on the other side beyond its not being human. Whatever the case, it is through this periodically opening aperture that the essence of our existence(s) returns to Union with God. There is no consensus on what exactly is returned and the reason. There is a consensus that whatever returns through this opening is assimilated by and becomes a part of whatever is on the other side. If there is anything to which the word God can be applied, this is it.

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