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Thank you for viewing the revised Short Model Version 2, presumably how you got to this page. If you didn't, I suggest you do so by linking from here. You will see that I have been given still more gifts of information which I freely offer to you. I am in fact continuing to receive additional information amplifying what you will find in my Short Model Version 2. It will be available as a book, once the flow of information stops.

Illuminated Dropped Capital This is all I have available as a short model. There is much more to say, but not here in a short model. "Where is Jesus?", not to mention Buddha, Mohammed, etc. Not part of a short model of Reality. What about sin, good, evil, punishment, forgiveness, and all other religious, philosophical and moral concepts? Besides the fact that these are human constructs without absolute reality, their discussion is for elsewhere. Why did I leave out so much and put in so little? I don't believe that "I" did. I did not work this out in my head, on paper or otherwise and go back to check for anything forgotten. I started typing it out one day and this is what spilled into my computer. I haven't even changed the order, although I have gone back and clarified phrasing, made small additions and used a spelling checker. It did not come from some logical application of my conscious mind. What is it good for? I find in this Short Model an adequate basis for understanding or explaining the basic reality as described in the two Gifts of views of reality presented on this web site. I also find an adequate basis for clearing many of the enigmas and contradictions from Christian religious teachings to which I have been exposed or of other religious teachings that I have read of. This model fits the reality of the spirit world explored and employed by shamans. This model fits the reality of the universe described in Buddhism and Zen Buddhism, as I understand them. This model fits the reality and explains the activities described by Carlos Castaneda and Robert Monroe. This model fits the findings of Michael Newton in exploring the spirit world by hypnotic regression. This model fits the reality in which I find myself in the ordinary world of experience, explaining much of the absurdities and cruelties resulting from normal human life based on normal human models of society and human interaction. This model helps me to understand and function in the not normal reality into which I seem to have stepped some time ago. If you came to understand it, you might find it of value also.

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