Short Model of Reality:In the Beginning

Illuminated Dropped Capital In the beginning there existed, and still exists, a something, a thing, for which there is and was no name or category: unique, unnamable, inexplicable, indefinable, indivisible and incomprehensible. Whether it exists alone or as one of many or as part of a greater something is beyond our ability to know or determine or perhaps even comprehend and will probably so remain. Contemplative mystics and seers of past and present have touched upon and identified it or some part or aspect of its existence as the Unified All of Existence, Ultimate Reality, God, Nagual, Tao, Buddha Mind, Plenum, Void, Source, One, Indra's Net, Great Mystery and many more human invented concepts and names. It must always be kept in mind that these and any other names and descriptions are only pointers to the Reality: hints, guesses, speculations, fictions or otherwise figments of human minds and imaginations, inherently limited in ways in which the One ~ God ~ Ultimate Reality is not. They are however attempts at identifying and describing something which exists and which you, the reader, can sense, contact or visit for yourself if you are willing to exert the effort. Perhaps you may have already done so if you have sufficient interest to be reading this. We are a very small part of this vastly greater Thing, looking from the inside and several layers (dimensions) deep, and inherently unable to comprehend the Whole, making up names for things which we can only perceive dimly and incompletely.

Illuminated Dropped Capital This Unified Source appears to posses or exhibit a few characteristics and basic principles. The first characteristic perceived is that it is all one, unified thing: The One, Unified Thing. This is perhaps the easiest characteristic to perceive, the perception of your finite self as belonging, being one connected part of the Unified All of the One. The second characteristic perceived is that the One is boundless and unlimited, infinite to our perception and from our perspective. Yet at the same time, distance or dimension is a construct of but is not inherent to Ultimate Reality. This is the poetic infinity of limited human perception (bigger than we can conceive and deal with), not the true infinity of mathematics. The third characteristic perceived is that the One is the basis of perception, mind and intelligence as an inherent part of reality. The One is Mind. This is a great mystery as this is perceived as Potential rather than Being and the One is not a person but rather the Void, the Source, the Tao, the Nagual, the Plenum, the Emptiness of Vast Potential from which everything and all meaning arises. One could say that the One is pregnant with potential from which it births Ultimate Reality. The fourth characteristic perceived is that the One is timeless, existing all at one Now instant although there is yet not just one instant. Time is a construct of but is not inherent to Ultimate Reality.

Illuminated Dropped Capital Note that these are perceived characteristics, not specified characteristics. Perceived however by means of limited human perceptions by seers and mystics and other direct explorers of Ultimate Reality with all the limitations of their temporarily assumed nature as humans but beyond the bounds of the "normal" perceptions of "normal" human beings. That is, not Absolute Reality, but our best try at it. And I can tell you personally that it is difficult to convert whatever portion of Absolute Reality that you directly perceive into any kind of comprehensible human understanding. But if you make the effort, you will receive aid, and if you achieve the vision, what you "see" will probably fit somewhere in this spectrum of perceived characteristics, described by those who have gone before you.
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