Short Model of Reality:Boundary

Illuminated Dropped Capital T here is a boundary to the reality to which we normally have access. This is a nonphysical (non-material) barrier of an unknown and unstudied nature which can be visited only at considerable effort and in a nonphysical form: vision or out of body experience. There is an orifice in this barrier which emits a continuous stream of some form of field which eventually fills or more accurately, creates the volume of our reality. I choose to call it an existence field or God's Will. It is by the nature and presence of this field that God ~ Ultimate Reality wills into existence or creates and sustains the contents of the reality within which we exist as a part. We do not have access under normal circumstances (more later) to whatever exists on the other side of the boundary. We cannot know the nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality other than as manifested in this field on this side of the boundary or as permitted by Revelation. This field has also been described as a quantum field or the ultimate quantum field and has been used in proofs of the existence of God based on modern physics. This field can be viewed by those with adequate training and practice (not including myself). I will refer to this field as the existence field as it appears to provide the basis for the existence of all that we find on this side of the barrier. Portions of the volume of reality which contain physical matter are subject to the existence and passage of time. Portions of the volume of reality which do not contain physical matter (the spirit world) are either not subject to time or the rate of passage becomes unobservably slow. There is also a paradox of time there in that all occurrences there seem to be simultaneous, existing all at the same time rather than sequentially. This may be a matter of dimensionality rather than the division I have just indicated based on the presence or absence of material as there are clearly, based on modern physics current state of discovery, more dimensions than the dimensions we observe in our physical bodies.

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