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o the nature of God ~ Ultimate Reality as we have access to it is an Existence Field which generates us and all else that exists in this reality. This existence field also provides a communication media and basis for nonphysical travel. It is also the basis for intelligence or mind. It no doubt has many properties and functions which we do not know of at present. If we wish to use theologically based terminology and refer to God, we must know that we are dealing with a concept of god with no anthropomorphic characteristics. No I, no ego, no desires or emotions as we know them, no vanity, no jealousy, no desire for worship, praise or any of the trappings that religion attributes to God. We are not talking pantheism here with God in everything. We are talking about what might be called an inverse pantheism in which everything is within God and exists only as and because it is within God's existence field. We are talking a concept of God with no human appearance and no personality. In fact, no appearance at all. It is like a fish looking for the water in which it swims. If we take the Ultimate Reality approach, we perhaps do not expect these characteristics. Whatever terminology we choose, we do not have just a Creator or First Cause. We also have a Preserver. And finally we might be thought to have a Destroyer as well. However, it is not destruction but rather reabsorption. A returning or a Union with God. We and all else that God chooses will remain a part of God. The expectation is that the models of reality created by us will remain part of God, but not necessarily the physical matter. All our experiences and mental creations or inventions will remain a part of God. We will each continue to exist as a part of God.

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