Short Model of Reality:

Illuminated Dropped Capital T

he first, "Driving", Principle observed is that the One is internally subject to the operations of an evolutionary process, the fundamental process. There is an internal fine structure, which has been described as reality cells constituting the One which can exist in two fundamental states, which I will refer to as perturbed and unperturbed. Elements of the fine structure can switch / be switched between these two states. These fine structure elements or reality cells are the ultimate basis of perception, awareness, self-awareness, consciousness and indeed, all existence, within the One; in essence, a binary based digital life. In a process analogous to Brownian movement and Darwinian evolution in the primordial oceans and tide pools of Earth where chemical elements eventually came together in more and more complex arrangements finally leading to self replicating complex chemicals, living cells, DNA structures and the full complexity of life on Earth, the primordial internal fine structure of the One evolved into a complex ecology of "digital" perception, consciousness and intelligence. Multiple independent ecologies / societies of multiple individuated consciousnesses and great organizational complexity within a vast, purposeful, essentially digital (as best we can comprehend it) intelligence which constitutes the All of Ultimate Reality, including that small portion which we perceive as "physical" and perceive ourselves to "inhabit" in our normal life. In actuality, the above analogy with "evolution" here on our "physical" world, the earth, is true in reverse and is only stated as above because this is the perspective from which we of necessity see it. In actuality the evolutionary processes observed here on earth are just one of many recursive applications of the original model of the process that occurred in the primordial digital swamp / ocean of the Void, the One, and thus the analogy really runs the other way.

Illuminated Dropped Capital T he One, the Source, is thus the basis of all of our and everything's existence. This evolutionary process is the driving principle of all existence, forever seeking greater and greater opportunities and possibilities, in fact, any and all possibilities. It began strictly as a random process driven by nothing observable other than minor random variations (and no observer was in fact there to make such observations). As mentioned before, there are things which we cannot know. Perhaps some vastly greater being from a dimension beyond reached in idly (or purposefully) with the equivalent of a stick and stirred the till then tranquil, motionless pool of the Void. It has now been consciously changed into a principle of existence as well; consciously, purposefully and recursively applied throughout all aspects and dimensions of Ultimate Reality. Universally applied by the One in the form of God ~ Ultimate Reality into which it has transformed itself by the recursive application of these principles. Without the development of this Driving Evolutionary Principle from the original, blindly random, chance based process, all existence would have remained as a sea of competitive, low level organisms at constant war with each other, never rising above the level of a "soup" of competing "micro-organisms" in digital / algorithmic form.

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