Short Model of Reality: Souls, our Real Existence

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uman beings, or our equivalent in terms of intelligent beings not associated with the planet Earth, have their true existence as souls which exist as relatively localized aggregates of either data or a medium which can be coded and organized as data which possess a relative but not absolute boundary. This data constitutes a model of some portion of the totality of reality and is a cumulative production of the activities of the soul ~ incarnated being(s) constituted by this aggregate. These aggregates are reported to possess the ability to match patterns of their internal model against portions of the external existence field, other intelligent beings and material things existing within the the reality field external to the aggregate. This pattern matching constitutes perception. The internal model can be expanded by inclusion of a description of the externally observed reality. Since the pattern matching mechanism associated with internal human models of external reality have the ability of self reference, there is therefore the ability of self perception. These aggregates exhibit free will and apparent mobility (being able to move from "place" to "place" by an act of will) based on methods which we can not employ as incarnated beings in physical reality. These aggregates do not have a mass and a physical reality like materials we are used to dealing with as incarnated beings. They apparently exist as some kind of elementary structure of a type or with properties unknown to (or unrecognized by) earth science at present. They exhibit the apparent ability to move at speeds which exceed the velocity of light (totally untested) and have the capabilities of action and communication at a distance. They can also modify their external boundaries and surfaces to take on any desired appearance in the spirit world. They are also reported to be able to divide into two or more portions with one portion always remaining in the non physical part of reality commonly referred to as the spirit world. The other portion(s) may be associated with a physical body on earth or elsewhere and are commonly referred to as our souls. What other abilities besides perception, self perception, mobility and intelligence our souls have are reported to include the ability to manipulate energy to create matter and even life to order. Their limits are not yet determined. They are what makes us truly human.

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