Short Modeel of Reality:: Like a Dream

Illuminated Dropped Capital One aspect of these aggregates (souls) which must be considered is that apparent motion and other perceptions may be only apparent. Like the sense of vision for our physical bodies, apparent motion and other perceptions may exist only as a model of a physical reality, not as a physical reality itself. We, in our physical bodies, do not see with our eyes, we see with our brains or more properly, our minds. Our eyes generate nerve impulses which are transferred to special areas of our brains where they are processed and generate what we "see". Our retinas do not have uniform densities of the nerve cells which sense the incoming light. We have an area in each eye (the focal point) where the density is much higher than the rest of our retinas. Our individual light sensing cells must "look" through a maze of capillaries with blood cells passing by. The view of any given cell is periodically blocked. Our brains and optical nervous systems filter all this out, combine the light field as sensed by cells sensing different color (frequency) ranges of light to generate our sense of color and adjust as necessary to provide us with a more or less undistorted field of view. So our eyes are only part of the vision process and we "see with our brains". Similarly, our souls perceive (see) with their internal models of reality coupled to their internal mechanisms for pattern matching between this internal model and the external reality and for adding to this internal model of reality. Part of the perception of our souls is their perception of the visual field created by our brains. Vision is thus a shared capability. Our physical bodies/brains create a visual field which is perceived by and becomes a part of our souls perceptions. We can learn to experience our souls' perceptions to some extent. At present, at least as incarnated human beings, we have no clue as to what is going on here other than logical extrapolation from what little we know. We may be in fact an infinite array of interconnected "souls" in a motionless state with everything we "perceive" actually consisting of the models we are generating of an "external reality" which is not really "out there". God ~ Ultimate Reality literally "Dreaming" it all. After considering the rest of this model of reality, you will see that this doesn't make any difference to us. The rest of this model is constructed as if "out there" versus "in here" really exists for each of us as souls.

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