Short Model of Reality:: Souls Joining Bodies

Illuminated Dropped Capital Our souls maintain a continuous existence and consider themselves "at home" in a non physical portion of the reality we can access and know to a limited degree that is commonly referred to as the spirit world. The period of existence of souls is stated to be eternal. There are claims that souls are continuously created however. Presumably the contradiction here is simply a part of the anomalies associated with time passage versus the Now of the spirit world. Periodically a portion of our totality as a soul is split from the rest and sent to be associated with a physical body on earth or elsewhere as an individual soul in a process referred to as incarnation. This is a voluntary action and involves preplanning to select a "body" and its general surrounding situation and the basic outlines of its planned life on earth. This plan can be deviated from at our choice without recriminations. That is, we have free will, planning not withstanding. Through the use of the technique of hypnotic regression applied to humans with incarnated souls, the knowledge of this process and of what occurs in the spirit world has been partially discovered and studied. Souls are reported to become incarnated at a time varying from several months after conception, the joining of sperm and egg cells that eventually become the associated human body, and nearly the point of biological birth. This timing is said to be at the choice of the individual soul. Lives which are aborted by disease, stillbirth, disaster or human choice (abortion) are not left uncared for or in pain or suffering. If appropriate, a soul attaches to the fetus for a period and if not appropriate, not. They (on the spirit side) know what is appropriate and second guessing on the incarnated side is not required or appropriate. The soul of a short incarnated life will incarnate and live again in later lives and has lived in previous bodies, not to mention having a continuous existence in the spirit world.

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