Short Model of Reality:

Illuminated Dropped Capital From the Operation of the Two Fundamental Principles, it is observable that the existence of Absolute Free Will is necessary to the maximum productivity of the interaction of the Driving Evolutionary Principle and the Organizing Principle. Absolute Free Will provides the assurance that the maximum range of possibilities is available, that the full scope of potential is available. Anything that interferes with the full scope of Free Will reduces the productivity of the balanced interaction of these two principles which is the basis of the Arising of the One from the Void state. Any such reduction in the operation of Absolute Free Will interferes with the development of and reduces the Ultimate Potential of the One. However and conversely, the unhindered operation of Free Will requires that the hindrance of Free Will or attempts to so hinder Free Will must be permitted and tolerated to some degree. To attempt to guarantee that nothing can interfere with the operation of Free Will automatically generates the paradox of being in itself an interference with the operation of Free Will. So such attempts must also be permitted. It is inherent to the nature of Absolute Free Will that it contains within itself the seed of all efforts to hinder its own exercise. This is an aspect of the nature of Absolute Free Will that is necessary to the understanding of what makes it Absolute. So this Secondary Principle is that Absolute Free Will is necessary to the optimum productivity of the interactive operation of the Primary Principles and includes the paradox of containing its own antithesis and permitting the exercise of control or limitation of free will. Note the use of the word optimum instead of maximum in this statement of this principle.

Illuminated Dropped Capital Once there is more than one individuated conscious being existing within the greater consciousness of the One ~ Ultimate Reality, there is the potential for conflict of wills between these beings. The complete exercise of the free will of one being may conflict with the complete exercise of free will by another being. The true absolute nature of Absolute Free Will requires that this must be permitted. So there is an apparent flaw and contradiction inherent in the absoluteness of free will and an apparent paradox in that absolute free will requires that this limitation on absolute free will must exist. However this is not so much a flaw as what must simply be recognized as the true nature of Absolute Free Will. The goal of reduction of entropy within the One can potentially eliminate this paradox with the achievement of a minimum entropy state characterized by absolute spiritual love ~ absolute free will. To restate this, achieving a state of absolute spiritual love means that absolute free will is desired for all other beings. That is, if all beings within the One change their nature to minimum entropy states at the highest spiritual level, the "desire" to interfere with the absolute free will of any other being will disappear. Because the free will of one being will no longer include the subordination of the free will of any other being, then free will as all beings choose to express it will be maximized because no aspect of free will will be suppressed. If this can be achieved without resulting in a state of no growth stagnation is not known but apparently the One believes it is not possible. This will be discussed further.

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