Short Model of Reality:: Hierarchy of Souls

Illuminated Dropped Capital There is a hierarchy of knowledge and abilities among souls, at least in the "organized" areas of the spirit world as reported from hypnotic regression studies. This is reported to be externally observable in a process analogous to sight and reported as if seen visually. Souls at the lowest level of knowledge are reported as appearing as white but not uniformly so but with swirls of gray or off white. This would represent the state where the substance which is organized as data is in a relatively unorganized state containing minimal data. There is a progression of colors associated with increasing knowledge starting with pink to red tinges (but apparently not full red color), then through darkening yellow shades which are relatively uniform throughout the aggregate substance of the soul, light blue shading through dark blue which is relatively uniform throughout the aggregate and culminating in violet deepening to purple which is again relatively uniform throughout the soul. Beyond this, including the very darkest shades of purple, beings are not reported as being observed whether from rarity or habits of function and activity and being beyond the stage where incarnation occurs. There are additional colors which do not appear as complete coloring but appear in localized areas of the soul which seem to be associated with specialized types of knowledge including healing which exhibits as green. I intuit that the effect of seeing souls as possessing colors is associated with the accumulation of knowledge resulting in characteristic changes in the "density of recording" of the information. This would be analogous to some method of physical data recording on some transparent material which is capable of being recorded at increasing densities, resulting in a changing refractive index of the substrate resulting in the perception of different colors. The greater the level of knowledge, the larger the model of reality and the higher the packing density of data and the shorter wavelength of the refracted light.

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