Short Model of Reality: Spirit World Organization

Illuminated Dropped Capital T he organized portions of the spirit world are highly organized. What is reported back to us by incarnated humans under hypnotic regression therapy is no doubt colored by the experiences and limited viewpoint of the incarnated human form. Many aspects must be considered to be "as perceived" rather than absolute reports of reality. This appears to be not a matter of deception or otherwise deliberate, but rather a matter of the limitations of human perceptions and concepts. To paraphrase, how do you describe or otherwise convey the meaning of color to a blind person? Alternatively, how do you verbally describe a reality which is largely outside of the range of any human language concepts. Individual spaces equivalent to bedrooms or other private spaces are not described. Understandable as there are no possessions (personal or otherwise) and no sleeping or bodily functions. Physical things can be simulated by mental constructs and the spirit world is pictured as appearing as traditional human constructions ranging from classical Greek temple architecture to three dimensional free form structures. Foods can also be simulated and the pleasures of eating, but this is reported as not as satisfactory as the real thing. No doubt largely a matter of the capabilities of the simulator. There are also unorganized portions of the spirit world which can apparently be quite "wild and woolly". Certain areas are described as long term and stable human constructs or simulated environments. Individual souls are known to create their own personal constructs which remain stable as long as their creators choose to maintain them through a minimal level of mental attention. There are areas reported to exist corresponding to (possibly) every human society or religion's concept of an afterlife or heaven. There the "true believers" of these groups congregate after their earthly death until such time as they see through the limitations of their belief system carried over from their last incarnation and break out into the organized true soul level culture of the spirit world. This is a limited overview of these aspects of the spirit world and we, of course, have no complete knowledge of the true range of the spirit world culture and activities. Nor does this really touch on the aspects of the spirit world encountered in shamanic activities reported by Harner and Castaneda among many others.

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