Short Model of Reality: Soul-Body Communication

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hen associated with a physical body, an external structure which has been referred to as a cocoon becomes associated with the normal structure of our souls. Externally it looks as if it is and is claimed to be an enclosure or boundary for our soul. It is more accurately a mechanism for communication, interaction and control between our soul and our physical bodies. Humans and animals on earth have a system of communication channels which are part of their physical bodies and have been known and used for over 5000 years in the Chinese culture for medical and other purposes and are commonly referred to as acupuncture meridians after this medical practice. There are known to be many more of these channels than are utilized in the normal practice of acupuncture. The external access points of these meridians have been observed and mapped and are relatively consistent from human body to human body. These external access points can be located by searching for points on the surface of our bodies which exhibit substantially lower electrical resistance than the normal surface area. This fact is made use of in medical devices used by modern acupuncture practitioners. The internal paths taken by these meridians can be partially inferred from their usefulness in manipulating our physical bodies by the use of acupuncture and associated disciplines in medical treatments. Their internal paths associated with the nervous system and the brain are not known. These types of channels are also found in the bodies of animals although they are reported to be associated with a more generic and shared version of something serving the function of human souls at a lesser level. Similar fields are reported to be associated with the physical structure of plants, including this cocoon. Presumably something analogous to acupuncture channels could be found in plants. Again, the "soul" associated with plants is reported to be as still further reduced in functionality relative to that of animals and insects.

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