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asically navigation in this web site is much like a traditional book if you are progressing page by page with the exception of the Table of Contents page. You just came from the Table of Contents page via a link which are the only ways to leave it. I have taken the easy way out and not numbered the pages sequentially in total, but each section is sequentially numbered within itself. Each page you are on and the links to the preceding and following pages within a chapter or section are specifically stated by page number so you can page backwards and forwards within a section. Except for the Table of Contents, Entrance and Warnings pages, at the left and right bottom of each page is a graphic. These graphics are mirror images. The left hand graphic is a link to the last page of the preceding section or chapter as shown in the Table of Contents. The right hand graphic is a link to the first page of the following section or chapter as shown in the Table of Contents. This permits you to page from section to section sequentially without having to return to the Table of Contents. And of course, to page from the last page of a section to the first page of the next, just click the right hand graphic. Thus you can proceed sequentially, page by page through the whole site. Note the special notes at the top and bottom of this page which further explain the navigation aids for each normal page.

Illuminated capital H as dropped capital.yper text links within the text will be words or phrases marked in this way and will provide links to definitions, explanations or related information. Use your browser back button to return to the page from which you started after you are through looking at the side path or use regular navigation features to traverse to any other point you choose.

o go to the Table of Contents from any page, click on the title graphic of the page. This will take you to the matching heading on the content page. See the note below the graphic title at the top of this page for a further explanation of this navigation aid.

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