The Reality Revealed
Illuminated Dropped Capital I have said more about each of these poems/gifts in another place as well as expanding on the commentary verses. These are strictly metaphorical views. Nothing literal is intended. Let me offer the following as a quick over view of what they say to me as a totality after many years of having Abstract vines imagethem rattling around in my mind. Let me also point out that this was written over a year before Version 2 of my Short Model of Ultimate Reality and that the verses themselves were received thirty odd years earlier. I still find these verses describing the same basic characteristics of Ultimate Reality as my latest understanding provides. Fasten your seat belt and hang on tight in the turns.

Illuminated Dropped Capital Can anything more be said about our existence as human beings than that we exist for only a short span: from now until then; from birth until death? And what is death? When we look deeply within, seeking the source of our reality, we find a consciousness of penetrating perception and a perception of a very stark reality. This awareness can give us nothing absolute however. It can only permit us to be aware of a world of relative shadows, which perform a cosmic dance in which we are simultaneously both participants and observers.

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