The Reality Revealed - Continued
Illuminated Dropped Capital This is a reality of no laws and complete freedom but still a unity of existence which by its nature sets the bounds and bonds of reality. We each as human beings find ourselves at the focus of a dichotomy of perception versus action in which our true being is revealed in the resolution of the dichotomy. We are neither an object nor an agent and simultaneously both an object and an agent, neither acting on an external reality nor acted upon by an external reality, but existing at a focal point of perception of dimensionless emptiness and Cosmic Now. There we have our true being.

Illuminated Dropped Capital If we expand this perception onto the rest of existence, we perceive a reality in which there is no distance or basic difference between the individual points of consciousness in the infinite field of connected consciousnesses (Indra's Net) of which we are each a focal point. This infinity of interconnected, individually unique souls reveals as a mirror, our true nature. In a flash of awareness, we perceive the infinite Now of Ultimate Reality. From this point of perception there is no time, only an infinite Now in which neither the things and problems of concern in ordinary reality nor time itself exist. There is no longer either birth or death nor a knowledge of ourselves as beings limited in time or place. We have closed a circle of perception and seen ourselves as eternal and unlimited beings.

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