The Reality Revealed - Continued
Illuminated Dropped Capital This is a perception that must be personally and directly realized. This is reiterated with the warning that the pointing finger is not the moon: a simultaneous existence as a finite physical being subject to birth and death and a multi dimensional point of perception; these two aspects of our existence having limited inter communication. Misunderstanding and confusion abound with great confusion between the nature of reality and our limited physical perception of it. Remember that perception exists in our minds, not our senses or even our brains. We are creating an internal model, attempting to make it as congruent as possible with an Infinite Reality.

Illuminated Dropped Capital This is not a problem to be solved by force. This is a reality into the stream of which flow we are merged as smoothly as another drop of water flowing to the sea. Better as a drop of dew than a tear of anguish. Once you reach the point where you can see that there is a Dream going on, the trick is then to figure out who is the Dreamer who is doing the dreaming: dreaming you (us).

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